Educational Apps that gamify, innovate and motivate students

While preparing the activities related to the first mobility of students to Greece, the partner schools continue to implement the use of educational Apps to gamify their lessons. ClassDojo, Genially, Story Jumper, Learning Apps, Quizlet, QuiverVision, Plickers, Brainscape, Tour Builder, Edpuzzle and Kahhot! are the main Apps that we have introduced in our daily teaching… Continue reading Educational Apps that gamify, innovate and motivate students

Summary of the project Innovation=Motivation during 2018.

Kahoot: A game-based platform

On the fourth day of our meeting in Spain, Polish team Anna Gołyga and Joanna Wiśniewska explained how two very useful tools that; one of them was Kahoot. It can be used in the classroom as well as set as homework or used by students for self-study. Kahoot! makes it easy to create, share and… Continue reading Kahoot: A game-based platform

Forth day of the short-term joint staff training event in Barcience-Toledo, Spain🇪🇸🇸🇮🇵🇱🇮🇹🇬🇷

Our Polish and Greek partners have shared their knowledge today. The first group has explained how to use Kahoot and Learning Apps, while the latter have talked about Google Tour Builder and Story Jumper. Fantastic Apps to gamify lessons. Find out more by watching the video of today's session.