A workshop for Polish teachers sharing knowledge about new Applications

On the 3rd of June a teachers meeting was held in Primary School No 1 in Olsztyn during which they summed up the experiences and events from the visit of the international partners in their school. They also had a workshop on new applications that were presented by our partners. Polish teachers practices the usage… Continue reading A workshop for Polish teachers sharing knowledge about new Applications

Educaplay: a free educational games generator – Tutorial

During our second teacher training meeting, the Greek partner school presented Educaplay, a global educational platform, used in more than 30 countries, which allows creating and sharing educational multimedia activities. If you click on the image you can access the tutorial: educaplay.pptx

Last day of our short-term joint staff in Olsztyn🇵🇱

Today we have said goodbye to a fantastic and unforgettable week of training at the Polish partner school, where we have received a warm farewell. Watch our video:

🎥Second day of our short-term joint staff training event in Olsztyn, Poland🇵🇱

In this video🎞 you can see a summary of our second day at the Polish partner school. ▶️

Extending the training on the use of Apps in the Slovenian school to new teachers

Some teachers of the Slovenian school had the wish to learn more about kahoot! and Genially, so the participating teachers in the project organised for them a special course.

The song of our project

A song for our Project has been created. It reflects the main actions that we are carrying out in the partner schools to develop innovative methodologies and enhance the motivation of our students. These are the lyrics of the song: Innovation=motivation song I used to be a student with no interest in all those boring… Continue reading The song of our project

The Spanish educational system

During the first training meeting among participating teachers last November, one of the subjects of study among the partners of the project, was the Spanish educational system. In the file below you can find a presentation about it. https://docs.google.com/file/d/1jZUU6bzEt6mSR5_Q1bWAmno-CIRIkIIl/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=mspresentation

Programming a robot mouse in the Polish school

One of the teachers in our school, Joanna Wiśniewska, has introduced another way of teaching coding and programming to very young students. She uses a very interesting and engaging tool, which is a robot mouse Colby. It is a tool that was introduced to the teachers of the partner schools in the project „Innovation =… Continue reading Programming a robot mouse in the Polish school

The Greek educational system

As part of the training received in Peristeri, Greece, during the mobility held last February, the teachers of the Greek partner school prepared this interesting presentation on the educational system of their country. This allowed the rest of the participants of the partner schools to know and understand how the schools of this country work,… Continue reading The Greek educational system